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Shed Insulation

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Do you spend a lot of time in your shed? Do you treat your shed as an addition to your home? Sheds are normally not designed to trap heat or cooling. Generally, they are built for storage. If you spend time in your shed, you may want to invest in insulation. After adding a layer of insulation your shed will hold heat or cooling better. You can spend more time enjoying your shed and not worry about the weather outdoors. Shepparton Insulation Service can provide insulation for your shed. We offer a variety of options for shed insulation. Let us convert your shed to a new livable space today!

Shed Insulation Benefits

Are you running out of living space in your home? Consider insulating your shed. A properly insulated shed can provide you with a new room, a workshop or a playroom for your children. You will be able to spend time year-round in your shed. Your newly insulated shed will retain temperature while conserving energy. You will notice lower energy costs to heat or cool your shed. Our team has a variety of options that will provide you with the highest efficiency insulation for the best price. Feel free to contact our team today to discuss our options.

Shed Wall Insulation

We can provide you with a variety of options to help you insulate your shed. Wall insulation is one of our most popular options. Fibreglass wool can be used to create a well-insulated shed. The installers at Shepparton Insulation Service can arrive at your home and diagnose your shed’s needs. We will then quickly and efficiently install your wall insulation. We can then cover the insulation with wood or plaster depending on your needs. You will end up with a shed that feels like a room in your home.

Floor and Ceiling Shed Insulation

Heat loss occurs quickly through your shed floor and roof. Our installers can install underfloor insulation to prevent heat/cooling loss through the floor. Underfloor insulation will also limit moisture from entering your shed. Ceiling insulation should be installed if you plan on making your shed a livable space. If you are using external heating or cooling, your ceiling insulation will help you use less energy. Combined with underfloor insulation, your insulated shed will be transformed. It will look and feel just like a room in your home.

Concerns When Insulating a Shed

Since sheds are much smaller than homes, they do have their own set of concerns that should be addressed before installing insulation. First, you should decide what the shed will be used for. If the shed will be a home office or a playroom it will require more breathable insulation. Humans create moisture and if improper insulation is used you may end with excess moisture in your new shed. We will check for any leaks and remedy them in order to resolve any future risk of mould growth. Feel free to contact our team today and we can discuss your shed and its needs.


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