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You are living in a home that is drafty and chilly during the cold months, and hot during summer can be uncomfortable. Additionally, these conditions increase your utility bills. Therefore, you need to consider insulating your home to avoid these inconveniences.  

Choosing an insulation contractor that can do the job right the first time is quite overwhelming. First, there is a lot of information that you need to know forehand before hiring a contractor. Secondly, the list of insulation experts is endless; thus, picking the best Shepparton insulation professional out of these is hard.   

The article will provide you with key points that will guide you when looking into hiring insulation professional.

Photo of Insulation professional contractor taken in Shepparton

What You Should Know About Insulation  

Most homeowners are unaware that an uninsulated house is costly to maintain.

The best Shepparton insulation experts recommend the use of building materials that have high performance. They also emphasize on the choice of the proper thickness of the insulation board. The two factors will have a considerable impact on the living conditions of your home.   

The type of insulation material you will use for your home depends on the nature of your home, the R values you to have to comply with, and the area you want to insulate. These are the factors that the insulation contractor will consider before recommending the best material for your home.  

Some of the standard materials used for insulation are; 

Rigid Board Insulation or Panels

The boards are consist of fibrous materials like fibreglass, plastic foam, or slag wool. They are installed on the interior walls and can be purchased as larger panels or batts designed to fit specific areas like cavities in the wall. 

Blown-in Insulation

It’s the most preferred insulation material because it gives high thermal performance and is cost-effective. The best Shepparton insulation professional will be quick to recommend this material because it’s a thorough blanket of foam that stops air from coming through. It’s cheap and fast to install, thus ideal for homeowners working with a tight budget. 

Foil Insulation

The use of aluminium foil in home insulation has attracted increased attention in recent years. The material prevents heat radiation by reflecting it to the source while other materials slow down the passage of heat from the inside to the outer environment. 

Fiberglass Insulation

 It’s a popular material in home building and improvement for many years now. The downside of this material is that it releases tiny particles that get inhaled and can contribute to health problems.  

The best insulation contractors are adequately covered when installing or repairing the fibreglass insulation. They also dampen the area to prevent particles from being airborne. They don’t just stuff fibreglass on the outer side of the floor, but they precisely cut the material to fit inconsistent framing. The installer carefully fixes the fibreglass around the HVAC and plumbing lines, thus giving you maximum insulation. 

Stone Wool Insulation

Stone wool uses its porous nature to trap the air passing between two sides. It’s also an excellent noise-resistant material, is not combustible, and will not allow flames to spread further. 

Sprayed Foam Insulation

It’s a liquid foam insulation material that is sprayed poured, injected, or foamed-in-place. Blow it on attic surfaces, into walls, or under floors to reduce air leakage. 

Choosing the Best Shepparton Insulation Professional  

Some of the high insulation materials are easy to install, while others require professional assistance and experience. That means that you have to hire a contractor for this job. The following are factors to consider when hiring insulation professional. 

The Contractor Should be Licensed and Insured  

The best Shepparton insulation professional complies with the government regulations; thus, the company or the individual is both licensed and insured. Shepparton insulation Service is such a company and is licensed to serve in Shepparton.  


The insulation professional should have been in business for many years. Thus, the contractor should understand how to work with different insulation materials to help you choose the best for your home. Today, the market has different types of insulation, such as open and closed cell spray foam, cellulose insulation, green foam, blown-in fibreglass insulation on top of what has been discussed above. Therefore, the best insulation contractor should understand and work with them well.  

Trained and Certified 
Insulation job photo taken in Shepparton with insulation professional

The installers should be up to date with the latest products and technologies. Thus, the contractor should be proud of its advanced certifications and employees’ knowledge. 

Online Presence 

The best Shepparton insulation company should maintain an online presence. The easy access to customer testimonials makes the professional credible than those with a website. A robust website filled with helpful information is crucial because customers can learn about their services before contacting them. Shepparton Insulation Service has a website that keeps you informed about its services and how you can contact them.  

Free Assessments 

The best insulation contractors offer free consultations. However, even those who don’t provide these services doesn’t mean that they will do a lousy insulation job. They probably have another outstanding feature that other insulation professionals don’t have.   

Still, ask if the potential insulating company offers free assessments and if they don’t compare their provisions to see what else they are giving as compensation for this cost. 


As stated, the aim of insulating your home is to maximize its energy efficiency. Thus the best Shepparton insulation company should help you learn about this. The contractor can achieve this through an informational website, exceptional customer service centre, or blogs, among others.   

Shepparton insulation Service has a team of trained, certified, and insured professionals. They have adequate experience working with different insulation materials. The contractor has an informative website where you can get additional information about insulation services. You can contact them for a quote and more information.  Please contact us at 0491 181 592 or email us at [email protected]

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