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Underfloor Insulation

workers doing underfloor insulation

Shepparton Insulation Service can provide your home with underfloor insulation. We have been installing insulation for years in Shepparton. Underfloor insulation is a great idea and will provide an extra layer of energy efficiency to your home. Are you building a new home? Our team will work closely with your other contractors to ensure they underfloor insulation fits perfectly in your new home. We can retrofit and install underfloor insulation in your current home as well.

Underfloor Insulation Benefits

There are several benefits to installing underfloor insulation. After Shepparton Insulation Service installs your underfloor installation you will notice a few things. Your home will be thermally efficient. It will retain heat or cooling longer, and your home will be more self-sufficient. Thanks to efficiency, you will experience smaller energy bills. Your insulation will last for years and your bills will continually be lower. Less energy use is also great for the planet. Your home will be good for the planet by using less energy each month. Finally, you will experience less cold air entering through the floor. Cracks in your floorboards let cold air into your home. Our underfloor insulation will provide a protective layer against this.

Insulating a Concrete Floor

Our team can provide solutions to your concrete floor insulating needs. Insulation can be added under or above a concrete slab. If you insulate above the concrete, your rooms will heat up quickly. We suggest high-performance insulation panels if you choose to insulate above the concrete. Our installers can also insulate below the concrete slab. This will provide a barrier that will help regulate temperatures in your home. Both options are great and will increase your home’s energy efficiency. Our team will work closely with your other contractors during the install process to ensure a perfect fit and match to your home.

Bulk Underfloor Insulation

We use a variety of materials for underfloor insulation. We will provide you with suggestions that match your home and your budget. Our team is experts at underfloor insulation and will provide you with the best materials available. Depending on your home, we will install the underfloor insulation with minimal disruption to your home. If you have a basement or cellar, it should be easy for our team to access your floor. If there is no basement access, the job may involve lifting your carpet or flooring to install the underfloor insulation. The installers at Shepparton Insulation Service have experience working on both types of projects and will ensure a quick and clean install.

Foil Insulation

Foil Insulation was once a popular option for underfloor insulation. It has since been banned due to safety concerns. Foil insulation has high-risk electrocution. The metal foil conducts electricity and could result in a shock to you or a family member. Your safety is our top priority and we have professionals that can remove your foil insulation. Shepparton Insulation Service can remove your home’s foil insulation and replace it with safer bulk underfloor insulation. The new install will provide better insulation and reduce the dangers of foil insulation. Contact our team today if you’d like to replace your home’s foil insulation.


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