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Seasonal transition affects the weather conditions and the way you live. Some months are warmer, while others are freezing. The changes demand a reliable and efficient way of curbing the loss of heat from your home.  

Thus, to maintain the desired temperature throughout the year, you need to understand how different underfloor insulation works. These insulations will keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer months. Thus, underfloor insulation is an effective and efficient way of improving the thermal efficiency of your property.   

The following is what you should know about different types of underfloor insulation.

Underfloor insulation job done in Shepparton

Types of Underfloor Insulation  

Bulk Underfloor Insulation

It’s a type of underfloor insulation material made of graduated rock wool, natural wool, glass wool, polyester, and polystyrene. These materials are held together with strappings, staples, or clips. They could also be friction-fitted. The insulation material is fitted under the suspended floors to trap tiny still air pockets within its structure.  

As a result, these air pockets restrict the flow of heat, thus enhancing the insulating effects of the material. Therefore, bulk insulation shouldn’t be compressed, for this will reduce the air pockets, thus affecting the material’s insulating properties. 

Bulk insulation is sold as boards, blankets, batts or loose fill that is blown or pumped into the space to be insulated. These insulation materials have low toxicity, soundproof, and environmentally friendly. 

Reflective Foil Insulation

These types of underfloor insulation material reduce the amount of radiant heat transferred across an enclosed space. It is most useful when the outer surface is shiny, clean, and free of dust because a build of elements reduces the insulation’s performance.   

Therefore, for your underfloor insulation installation, you can use expanded or extruded polystyrene insulation boards combined with reflective foil. The two materials will form a blanket that creates an insulated barrier against the outside air.   

Reasons Why You Should Install Underfloor Insulation  

Keeps off Cold Air from Outside

Floorboards or other types of underfloor insulation materials might have holes and cracks that permit air to flow through the floor to the house, thus making it colder during the winter. However, installing underfloor insulation creates a barrier, and therefore cold air won’t creep into the house through the floors. 

Serves as Vapor Barrier

Generally, floors made of wood are susceptible to moisture, and wet surfaces tend to stain and warp. Therefore, underfloor insulation plays a crucial role in homes with wooden floors, for it serves as a vapour barrier that keeps off unwanted moisture. You must consult an underground insulation professional before installing these materials so that they can assess the moisture situation in your property. 

Reduction of Artificial Air Usage

A self-sufficient home maintains desirable temperatures throughout the year, thus reduced the use of coolers and heaters. 

Thermal Efficiency

All types of underfloor insulation can make your home thermally efficient. That means that your home can retain comfortable temperatures all year round. Further, it reduces the use of coolers and heaters.  

Reduced Energy Bills

As stated, effective underfloor insulation contributes to less use of heaters and coolers. As a result, it contributes to smaller energy bills, thus more savings. Although underfloor insulation is expensive, the lower energy bills help you to recoup your initial investment in the long run. 

Environmentally Stable

You help to preserve the environment when you use less electricity and gas. These are scarce natural resources, and limited use of artificial cooling and heating devices contributes to a better planet. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Underfloor Insulation

a recently completed underfloor insulation done in Shepparton

The list of benefits of insulating your home can be endless and different types of underfloor insulation are available. However, choosing the best can be a daunting task. The following tips will help you make the best choice.  

The Status of the Building

The first factor to consider when choosing the underfloor insulation is whether you’re about to build a new home or renovating an existing one. Installing the underfloor installation is more accessible in a new building than renovating an old one. 

However, you can get the same result when building a new house or retrofitting when you hire a qualified installer and use the right materials. Shepparton Insulation Service has adequate experience working with different types of underfloor insulation materials; thus, the team will design and install your specific application.   

Property R Rating

Installing the highest rated insulation will leave your home well protected. However, you should choose the insulation material that is best suited for your home. Get specific insulation saves you money and gives you the desired outcome. The best way of finding the appropriate R rating for your home is by enlisting the assistance of an expert such as Shepparton Insulation Service. The team of professionals is ready to assess your home and recommend the best R rating for it. 

The Right Insulation Material

You need to assess the materials used to build your home to determine the right insulation material for your property. 

Secondly, select a material with a wide selection of impressive R-value ratings. It should also surpass the building code Australia (BCA) requirements.  For instance, most experts recommend installing bulk underfloor insulation because it’s less toxic, the product is of higher quality and has and environment friendly. This approach will help you get it right.  

Easy to Install

Don’t go for an insulation material that will complicate the entire process, especially if you are installing it yourself. Thus, invest in a kit that is easy to install; otherwise, it requires hiring an expert. 

Where You Live

The climate of where you live will determine the types of insulation material that you will install in your property. Contact Shepparton Insulation Service for the best insulation material for this area.  

Final Word 

Installing underfloor insulation requires an upfront investment, and this may hinder your desire to protect your home from the loss of heat. However, insulation saves money in the long term because it creates thermal efficiency and provides a host of advantages. 

So underfloor insulation is a must, and Shepparton Insulation Service will be glad to work with you. The experts will help you install insulation that is within your budget. Please contact us at 0491 181 592 or email us at [email protected]

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