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Wall Batt Insulation

insulation service wall batt

Wall batt insulation is pre-cut fibreglass or rock wool. It has been used in homes for years and is what most people assume insulation looks like. Shepparton Insulation Service can use batt insulation to insulate your walls or ceiling. Our contractors have worked on hundreds of homes over the years. We can insulate your new construction or your existing home. Let us upgrade your current home’s insulation to an eco-friendly wall batt insulation. You will experience instantly start using less energy and your energy bills will be lower. Contact us today to discuss our wall batt insulation options.

Wall Batt Insulation Benefits

Insulation will provide an extra barrier between the interior of your home and the outdoors. Your insulation will limit the flow of heat and cooling out of your home and your home will maintain temperature longer. In the end, you’ll use less energy and have lower energy bills. Your new eco-friendly home will be better for the environment as well. Wall insulation also helps with acoustics. Insulation is a natural sound dampener and will limit sound from leaving your home. A properly insulated home will provide moisture control in your home and will limit condensation.

Wall Batt Insulation Installation

Our team has been installing wall batt insulation for years and we pride ourselves on following the best practices when installing. We will ensure our installation is safe and quick and will not disrupt your home life. Our team will follow all building codes during install. Each piece of batt insulation will be measured and cut to be an exact fit. Gaps will be sealed. In no time our insulation contractor will be finished, and your home will be fully insulated.

Safety Tips for Batt Insulation

Our contractors follow all safety procedures and best practices when installing insulation. Fibreglass can cause inflammation after exposure to skin. Our team comes prepared with full-body skin protection in order to protect themselves. They will always wear eye protection and ear protection. Internal consumption of fibreglass can be very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Similarly, our contractors wear masks during the installation process to prevent inhaling fibreglass dust. We will take extra care to ensure your family is safe from these hazards as well.

Cleanup and Safety

Installing wall batt insulation can be a messy process. Shepparton Insulation Service strives on providing a clean and healthy installation. We will minimize dust generation during install. Fibreglass particles are harmful if inhaled and we will take every precaution necessary to avoid dust. We will constantly clean and vacuum during install to prevent dirt and dust as well. Our team only uses sharpened cutters and will tear insulation to limit dust. The entire installation process should be quick and relatively little dust should be left. We will vacuum and dust any remaining dust to ensure your home is clean and healthy. We will remove and dispose of all old or unused insulation as well.


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