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Wall Wrap

house in the middle of wall wrap insulation

Shepparton Insulation Service can provide your home with a wall wrap that can drastically assist your current insulation. A wall wrap can be installed during new construction or added to your existing home. Your wall wrap will provide you with protection from wind, moisture, weather and dust. All your insulation systems should work together. We will ensure your wall wrap and wall batt insulation are fitted exactly. The combination of the two will provide you with a comfy and cozy home and your walls will be sealed. Our installation installers are ready for your latest project. Feel free to contact our customer service team to discuss our wall wrap options.

Wall Wrap Benefits

A wall wrap will provide another layer of protection to your home. It will increase the efficiency of your wall insulation and help you lower your energy consumption. Your home will be eco-friendly, and you will quickly notice lower energy bills once installed. A wall wrap can reduce moisture and condensation in your home. Your home will be less likely to develop moss or age in its walls. You will also notice fewer draughts in your home. The wall wrap is wrapped around your wall frame and insulation providing a barrier to cold air. Your house will normally exceed any code requirements for air and water barriers once a wall wrap is installed

Wall Wrap Installation

Shepparton Insulation Service can provide install of wall wraps to new and existing structures. Our team of experienced contractors have installed hundreds of wall wraps. If you are constructing a new home, it’s a great time to add a wall wrap. The wall wrap will protect the structure and frame of your home. It will also save time and money during construction as the contractors can work in the proper order. We can also provide wall wrap installation to your current home. Feel free to contact us for details on our wall wraps.

Maximizing Wall Wrap Effectiveness

We utilize the latest techniques and technologies to ensure your insulation systems work together and effectively. Your bulk insulation and wall wrap should work together in harmony. During construction, we cut and size each piece of insulation to exact specification. Your bulk insulation will not contact the wall wrap and they will work as a team to keep your home temperate and dry While providing your home with extra insulation, your wall wrap is a great defence against condensation in your home.

Home Condensation Problems

If you have condensation or moisture problems in your home a wall wrap may be the solution. Condensation can cause health risks to your family. Mould may grow in your walls and can cause serious illness. Plaster walls may deteriorate or stain from the water behind the wall. Your walls may experience structural issues due to condensation. Cracks or warping to your timber could cause serious issues down the line. A wall wrap can help protect your walls by allowing the moisture in your home to escape to the outdoors.


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